How do I get the best results from my candle?

To get the best from your candle, please burn continuously until a pool of melted wax has formed all across the candle. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at any one time. Please keep the wick trimmed to 1/2 cm before lighting, this includes the first time you light the candle. Trimming the wick will help to stop debris falling into the wax pool. Keeping your candle out of draughts will ensure a safe and even burn. With very large candles, like the Big Amber, please allow a full melt pool to form across the candle, this will avoid “tunnelling” and create the best result.

Please burn responsibly. Place your candle on a heat resistant surface and ensure the candle is away from children, pets and any flammable materials or fabrics. Extinguish the candle carefully, don’t use any kind of liquid and use a candle snuffer. Take care as the glass may become very warm. Do not move your candle while lit as hot wax can easily spill and cause damage.

After using your candle, consider reusing the cleaned out glass for a non-food purpose - plant pot, toothbrush holder, desk tidy etc.

Are wxy. candles vegan friendly?

Our candles contain a 100% plant based wax which is mainly soy. It does not contain any palm oil / palm wax. There is no paraffin in the wax. Our fragrances do not contain any animal-derived materials. We do not put “vegan friendly” on our packaging for the reason that some elements of our scents are created from petroleum derivatives. It is down to individual choice whether those maintaining a vegan lifestyle consider petroleum derivatives to be “vegan”.

Do wxy. candles and diffusers contain essential oils?

Yes! Most of our fragrances contain natural essential oils, and some have very high levels of natural materials. To ensure our products perform well and for ethical reasons, we cannot completely eliminate all synthetic materials from our scents.

What are the warning symbols on the packaging?

The warning symbols on the packaging are CLP labels. These tell consumers about allergens or hazards. Many household products that we use everyday will carry these symbols on the label. Some of the phrases may sound worrying such as “harmful to aquatic life” but it would be highly unlikely that your diffuser or candle found its way into water or a stream, these types of warnings are often produced by natural essential oils and not necessarily from synthetic materials. Some people may be allergic to certain natural essential oils or other ingredients if their skin comes into contact with them, so it is important we highlight this on the packaging. Candle wax and reed diffuser liquids should never be used on the body. We would hope that all our products are used up entirely, and that any residue or waste is disposed of responsibly. The glass can then be recycled.

How do I get the best results from my diffuser?

To use your diffuser, please remove the plastic bung carefully and recycle it along with your household waste. Place all three reeds into the diffuser liquid and wait for a few minutes for the reeds to soak up the fragrance oil. Carefully lift the reeds from the bottle, ensuring there are no drips and slowly turn them over, inserting the dry ends into the bottle. The oil exposed reeds will impart a gentle fragrance. Turn reeds around from time to time to refresh the scent. You can expect your reed diffuser to last approx 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your environment. Fragrance oil can damage painted or polished surfaces and fabrics, so take care to protect your surfaces from drips and wipe up any spillages immediately. Keep oil exposed sticks away from fabrics. Recycle the bottle after use. Empty, washed out diffuser bottles are not suitable for any kind of food use, but feel free to give your bottle a new life as a flower vase or pen pot.

How do I become a wxy. stockist

We are always happy to have more stockists of our products! Please contact our trade partners at for more information or give them a call on +44 (0)1829 730028.